The Artwork for the duo project Radio Intro — Sketches on the Radio of israeli award-winning [Montreux Jazz Festival 2015] pianist Yakir Arbib and italian drummer Roberto Giaquinto was a very unusual task — since the pianist is blind and is never actually able to see our design in the way we do. So this is what we wrote him on our first draft: ›On the cover you can find a puristic abstraction of two drumsticks [white lines] embracing one piano key [black rectangle], to picture the play of two characters interacting together. We chose to keep it greyscaled on the outside, because we wanted the ›colors‹ to be inside, like the music on the CD is inside and what you, Yakir, see in your inner eyes. The letters/words are with greater letterspace to build a reference on the Journey you guys made. Like there is always a starting and end point, but the duration varies like the length of the sentences. At the same time the words meet each other like in a dialogue, like the way you improvise, since you never know what the partner says/plays, but in the end it fits and you have a dialogue & you play a piece. The CD itself is black, to create the look of a radio speaker. In general we wanted the impression to be modern, yet elegant and of course as simple as it can be.‹ You can listen to the album on Spotify or buy your copy here.