The exhibition Meeting Point, organized by Kunstverein Konstanz [D] and Kunstraum Kreuzlingen [CH], is an hommage to the Council of Constance, which took place from 1414—1418. Therefor 16 international artists were invited to develop their personal contemporary contribution at 15 historical places in Constance [D] and Kreuzlingen [CH]. The Logos widespread letterspacing is the visual hint to those various places, supported by pictograms showing a minimalistic interpretation of the respective historical place — guiding the visitor from one point in town to another. The copper color helped building the bridge between now and then — besides it kept shining out everywhere.

Gili AvissarMarc BauerDaniel Gustav Cramer & Haris EpaminondaNick Crowe & Ian RawlinsonMarkus DaumHannes EggerAmit GofferLeah GordonSiggi HoferAzade KökerAlexej MeschtschanowEriz Moreno ArangurenMarlies PekarekAlexandra Vogt 

Kunstverein KonstanzKunstraum KreuzlingenKonzilstadt Konstanz 

Axel Lapp & Marina Geitz

We designed the visual identity, including publictations, invitation cards, posters, exhibition walls, the signage and the website.

The cooperation of Kunstverein Konstanz and Konzilstadt Konstanz made it possible for the kids to explore the exhibition Meeting Point and the story of the town on their very own paper chase. Getting in touch with history and contemporary art in a fun way — maybe not just for kids...