Pascal Botlik is an independent german-french creative consultant and graphic designer collaborating with international clients and agencies in leading concept-driven projects. Producing striking visual identities and interactive media operating in art, fashion, architecture and technology. Founder of FUFU to support selected non-profit organizations.


Co-Founder of Studio SoKonstanz

Graphic Designer at Raffinerie AG für GestaltungZurich and Studio Apeloig, Paris


Best of Swiss Graphic Design & Web

ADC Schweiz
Best of Content Marketing BCM
100 Beste Plakate
Most Beautiful German Books
[mostly with Raffinerie]

DDC Was ist gut [Shortlist]


Workshops and KD—Lounge,
University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz

CAS Digital Typography,
University of the Arts, Zurich


[CompaniesBling Jewelry, BMT Consulting AG, Cigsor AG, Coliquio GmbH, Enowa Group GmbH, Envision+, Fine Arts Investment, Haug & Partner Steuerberater, Heimzucht Berlin, Königsblut, Kultimo AG, Lachenmann GmbH, Pur Natur Holzprodukte, Sarah Kessler Schmuck, Systemische Beratung Sarah Summers-Jones, Theresa Lange Photography, USUS Landscape Architecture, Wessenberg Café, Yara Hoffmann, Agence Stéphaine Protet, Manufacturing Cities, Sonus, Rhiemeier MSA, Zeitler GmbH, Baumschlager Eberle Architects

[InstitutionsKiki Kogelnik Foundation, Familienhilfe Konstanz, Familiehuus Steckborn, Galerie Borodatchev, Galerie der Stadt Tuttlingen, Konzilstadt Konstanz, Kulturbüro Konstanz, Kunstkreis Tuttlingen, Kunstnacht Konstanz Kreuzlingen, Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, Kunstverein Konstanz, MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen, Museum Kunst+Wissen Diessenhofen, University of Konstanz, Kantine Konstanz

[ArtistsAlexander Iskin, Ulrich Vogl, Markus Daum, Zohar Fraiman, Josephine Hubalek, Jan Davidoff, Christoph Neumann, Yakir Arbib, Liat Grayver, Isabell Bullerschen, Barbara Marie Hofmann, The Black Shoes, Philip Frowein

Social Engagement

Inclusion at schools, Caritas Konstanz

Companionship for children with handicaps, Ekkharthof Lengwil 

Companionship for people with dementia, Caritas Konstanz


‍Based in Konstanz. Available worldwide.

+49 152 08233278